Broadband for Holme



Ultra High Speed broadband (fttp- fibre to the premises) is now available in Holme. If anyone has any problems procuring this, please contact Phil Berrill at the Broadband for Notts Team, Nottingahmshire County Council, who should be able to assist.


07th November 2015

To: All Holme Residents

From: Paul McIntyre, Trustee, Holme Bank Land Trust.

Dear Residents,

You may be aware that I have been working on behalf of the village and the Trust trying to secure high-speed broadband access for Holme for more than 3 years. This has comprised many letters, hundreds of phone calls and previous meetings with BT, the county council and others. Last month, I met with Councillor Maureen Dobson and our contact at the Ministry of Culture, who are responsible for broadband delivery within the UK (BDUK).

I am delighted to tell you that we have finally been able to secure the provision of high-speed fibre broadband for the entire village. We are now included in the list of communities that will benefit from a multi-million pound extension of superfast broadband in Nottinghamshire, announced this last week by the County Council.

Holme residents will be able to access fibre broadband for the first time no later than Spring 2018, though it is hoped we may have this much sooner – I will update you when I have more accurate dates.

This venture will be funded by a number of organisations, including Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK), the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership, BT and Nottinghamshire County Council. There will be no cost to the village or the trust to bring this fibre into the village.

Benefits of fibre broadband include faster download and upload speeds; the ability to access the internet via multiple devices without experiencing a slow connection, faster downloads of films and music, a better online gaming experience, improved file sharing for businesses, solutions based on Cloud computing and being able to work more flexibly. There is no obligation to take up the use of the fibre into Holme. Whether you do or not, the facility will be there and it will, no doubt, add to your property value.

We are promised the timetable for delivery before the end of the year, and once we have this, I will update you all.

I know we have all waited a long time for this, but I do hope you will find it good news.

Best Regards